Don Pryor

Don Pryor

  • "The World's Worst Waiter!"
  • Professional actor/entertainer for 20 years
  • Customer Service Humorist

Your hapless waiter arrives at your table while speaking on his cellphone. As he fills your drink, he tastes the wine straight from another bottle. He loudly questions the quality of the food and soon drops a tray of metal pans. As he asks your table's occupants to assist him with the dishes, you ask yourself, "Is this guy for real?" Add your name to the long list of event attendees who have been fooled and entertained by Don Pryor, "The World's Worst Waiter!" Fortunately, Don's bad service will not leave you angry as you will be too busy laughing through an experience you will never forget.

Unique is an inadequate description of Don Pryor's amazing performance as "The World's Worst Waiter!" For over 20 years, Don has been entertaining functions of all types with his original brand of comedy. He has performed for major corporations, organizations and associations such as Dell, Apple, Honda, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, General Mills, Dupont and many more.

As the event planner, only you and the banquet staff are aware of the impending hoax. The rest of the attendees are in the dark and have no idea what is coming to their table! (Don thoroughly briefs the full wait staff and coordinates the act down to matching attire.) As the meal progresses, the audience gradually becomes aware of an odd, bumbling waiter in their midst. The laughter builds to a swell throughout the meal service as Don's unique brand of "service" becomes impossible to ignore. With skills developed over two decades as an actor and performer, he is able to engage the entire audience as he moves from table to table.

The act culminates with Don shouting the punchline to the emcee's jokes (as rehearsed in advance.) Priceless moments are made as the attendees attempt to figure out if Don is for real. Ultimately, at the end of the meal, Don is unmasked as the true entertainer for the function and the crowd inevitably welcomes him to stage with an uproar of applause and laughter. From the podium, Don Pryor recounts his hilarious interactions with various members of the audience and shares some memorable encounters with past unsuspecting diners. After hundreds of events, it is a virtual guarantee that your attendees will be talking about the experience for weeks and years to come!

While entertaining, Don Pryor also leaves the attendees with a simple yet vital message: life is made much more enjoyable when we do not take ourselves too seriously. Serving the world as "the World's Worst Waiter!" has also taught Don that bad service will always be remembered. He will always emphasize that we should make a concerted effort with each client interaction to provide first-class, memorable service.

Ultimately, if you are searching for a unique, fresh and memorable idea to guarantee that attendees with never forget your next function, the best option is apparent - include the professional entertainer Don Pryor "The World's Worst Waiter!" in your event.

Meal Program & Short Program $4,000.00
Extended Program (Q&A, Customer Service) $5,000.00
Don Pryor travels from Austin, Texas and requires Coach class for one (1)

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