Dick Armey
Dick Armey
  • Primary author of "Contract with America"
  • Majority Leader in the 104th Congress
  • Acclaimed author and policy advisor


Elected to Congress in 1984, Dr. Richard (Dick) Armey went to Washington as a novice. As he has said many times, “When I came to Washington, the only Congressman I’d known or spent much time with was the man I beat.” Armey was a strong believer in the policies of Ronald Reagan, though, and he knew the President needed reinforcements in Congress. He quickly became known for his dedication to good public policy based on conservative principles.

Armey was the primary author of the “Contract with America,” which was a collection of ten bills that would be brought up for a vote during the first 100 days of a Republican-controlled Congress.

The Republicans took control of the House for the first time in 40 years and 60 percent of the “Contract with America” was signed into law. Dick Armey ran unopposed for Majority Leader in the 104th Congress and that Congress passed the first balanced budged in a generation. Armey was also influential in key legislation related to e-commerce and the economy, development of a flat tax and homeland defense.

Now retired from...

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Give Us Liberty - Taking Back American and Keeping It
The Tea Party movement has historically impacted American politics. As a former House Majority Leader...
The Tea Party Movement's Effect on America
Why is The Tea Party Movement Different?
Current Political Issues

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"As [House] Majority Leader, Dick Armey was a bright light of reason and wisdom in that honorable body. Dick added to his considerable political genius when he turned his life over to Jesus Christ and became a dedicated, born-again Christian. He is a distinguished educator, a brilliant political leader, and a dedicated servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ."

Dr. M.G. (Pat) Robertson, Chancellor & President, Regent University

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Blavatt Lecture - Eisenhower Institute/Gettysburg College
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