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Diane Sieg

Diane Sieg, Healthcare, Wellness, Stress Management Speaker Diane Sieg, Healthcare, Wellness, Stress Management Speaker
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Diane Sieg

STOP Living Your Life Like an Emergency!

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Denver, Colorado, United States
About Diane Sieg

Diane Sieg works with people who want to stop living their lives like an emergency! Emergency Living is full of panic, chaos and crisis care-taking. It keeps us moving at warp speed, multi-tasking and always thinking about the next thing. Emergency Living prevents us from paying attention to what is really important, the here and now. It keeps us busy, it keeps us frantic, it keeps us tired.

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Diane Sieg has spent the majority of her 22 year nursing career in ...

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Based on Diane’s bestselling book of the same title (LifeLine Press, 2002), this is her most popular keynote to show you how to stay out of the emergency room of life! With humor injected stories from the ...

Finding Your Voice in Work, Love and Money!

Based on Diane’s newest, soon to be published book, this candid and humorous keynote offers practical and straightforward tools to help you find your voice and speak your truth in every area of your life. ...

Reclaiming the Spirit of Nursing

Do you remember when you first decided to become a nurse? For most, the decision was a defining moment—not only for you, but for every hand you have held, every brow you have wiped and every tear you have ...

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Stop Living Life Like An Emergency! by Diane Sieg
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You were received with great enthusiasm by our staff for your creativity, motivation, humor, and your great compassion for the participants. I heard many say they could have stayed all day listening to your insightful knowledge and ideas.

Carol Bledsoe - Longmont United Hospital

The response to your program was overwhelmingly positive. You were funny, engaging and able to relate to the group and their needs. Thank you for your dynamic presentation.

Linda Wilkins-Pierce - Metropolitan State College

Your message was perfect for our group as we all seem to have such busy lives with overextended schedules. You gave us the permission and the skills to help us slow down and take care of ourselves. The comments from the evaluations speak for themselves.

Taralyn Jensen - American Heart Association

Your expertise and dedication to our organization is highly respected and appreciated. Each year we strive to bring more educational value to our members; this year was no exception. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with its members.

Glen Brown - HCEA Executive Director
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3 Quick Health Tips For On-The-Go Event Planners

Mindful Meetings Part 1 3 Healthy Habits to create Mindful Event Planners Today as event planners you have more responsibilities than ever, having to do more with less with tighter budgets and higher demands. This requires more mindfulness in the planning and execution of your meetings, and ...