Diane Rehm
Diane Rehm
Keeping the Pulse of the National Public Opinion


When the nation's leading policy makers and journalists want to check the pulse of the national public opinion, they tune in to The Diane Rehm Show. It is broadcast live from WAMU-FM in Washington D.C. from 10 a.m. until noon, and transmitted to 110 National Public Radio affiliates across America. It can also be heard in Europe and Japan via satellite.

Rehm, a native Washingtonian, has been credited with setting a new tone for talk radio. For 27 years, she has carved out a civilized niche for herself in the talk show jungle where many hosts bait guests and inflame audiences to secure higher ratings. With her signature voice and an interviewing style that stresses listening and drawing guests out over provocation, Rehm is able to accomplish what she feels should be the ultimate aim of talk radio; the facilitation of rational dialogue that helps to illuminate the issues at hand so listeners can make up their own minds about them. "The program allows people to have a genuine conversation," says Rehm. "We're not here to make people laugh or ridicule or deride them." /p...


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A Conversation with Diane Rehm
Diane prefers to exchange ideas with her audiences, engaging in questions related to world issues...
A Conversation with Diane Rehm
As a talk show host of 27 years, currently distributed nationally and internationally by NPR and by...

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