Diana Jordan

Diana Jordan

  • Healthcare Humor Speaker
  • Humor in the Workplace
  • Cancer Survivor Speaker
  • Diana Jordan is one of the funniest people on the plane!"
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • From the moment Diana Jordan took the stage, she ignited such hearty laughter that some attendees had a difficult time catching their breath. Put simply, it didn't take long to realize why Oprah called her "one of the funniest people on the planet."
  • Julie Williamson Media Relations Manager/Editor - International Association of Healthcare Central Service Materiel Management
  • This year’s program was definitely our most successful. We sold out three weeks before the event and had almost 400 in attendance. Diana finished with a standing ovation and the crowd wanting more.
  • Catherine Stevenson - Community Resource Liaison - Memorial Healthcare
  • Thank you for taking the time to share with us your genius and wit! The 11th Annual Tri-county Conference was a great success because of you. We were all in stitches and went home feeling rejvenated after your performance. You were outstanding!
  • JANNETE SHARPE, RN,BS,OCN - Palm Beach Area Oncology Nursing Society
  • Your ability to coordinate your act with the events of the day was appreciated by all. . . . jokes were very tasteful . . . use of our audience added to the entertainment. Your experience within your family with breast cancer gave you a wonderful insight.
  • Wow! How can I start? Diana is awesome! My audience loved her. Afternoon and evening keynote presentations both got standing ovations (603 women)! This has never happened in the ten years our event for women has been offered.
  • Laura Whitmore, Education Coordinator - Altru Health System
  • Standing ovation and encore!!! No wonder your evaluations were incredible! Overall, all felt you provided a wonderful balance in weaving in dealing with heart disease, your mother's illness, healthy positive coping strategies and comedy.
  • Dianne Fidelibus - Columbus State College - Health Seminar, Stephen H. Wilson Scholarship Fund
  • One funny broad.
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Good female comics are rare in the business, and we consider Diana one of the best we've ever had!
  • Paul D. Simerman - The Kennedy Center
  • You made our event such a success and wonderfully funny. Everyone laughed and laughed—it was really an enjoyable evening.
  • Beverly Sartori - Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • She is guaranteed to get their attention, liven things up, and have your guests leaving with a smile on their faces. She was the icing on the cake of a great event. If you have the opportunity to enjoy this dynamic, compassionate woman, seize the moment.
  • LaDonna Fain - The American Heart Association
  • I am overwhelmed by the dynamic delivery of your address, "The Power of the Happy Heart." 90% of the respondents rated your performance at the highest levels and found your program overall most effective.
  • Melissa Curzon, Foundation Vice Chair - Financial Women International Foundation
  • If you're looking for someone different and refreshing and not the same boring, cookie-cutter luncheon or event, then shake things up and bring this high energy, dynamic, full-of-life woman and turn her loose on your audience.
  • Ladonna Fain, Go Red Director - American Heart Association Go Red Luncheon
  • Diana's message was delivered with humor but was truly a message of hope, love, forgiveness, and power. It was clear Diana knew how to truly reach women in the audience and reminded them of the importance of taking care of one's self.
  • Lynne DiModica, Women's Services Program Coordinator - NorthBay Women's Health Resource Center
  • I totally recommend Diana, if you're looking for someone different and refreshing and not the same boring and cookie cutter luncheon or event, then shake things up and bring this high energy, dynamic, full of life woman and turn her loose on your audience
  • LaDonna Fain Go Red Director - The American Heart Association
  • You did such a fantastic job at our event! I loved it and laughed and laughed! I’ve been quoting your “CAT scan=costs about a thousand” to friends and family. And I thought I’d die when you said fiancé sounds like finance me! Miss Pepper was a hoot!
  • Kim E. Martin Founder and President - The Hair Fairy Project, Inc. raising money for children with cancer
  • Hire Diana! She proved how laughter is truly the best medicine and I LOVE her gigglebox.
  • Dr. Oz
  • Please allow this letter to serve as a resounding affirmation for your program.
  • Financial Women International Foundation
  • I thoroughly enjoyed not only Diana’s recent appearance and presentation at our conference in Atlanta, but a personal visit with her afterwards as well. Diana is REAL. She is vulnerable. And she is FUNNY. I loved laughing with her, and crying with her.
  • Sheila Roesler McCampbell, Wealth Management Advisor - WIFS (Women’s International Financial Services)
  • Dynamic and Entertaining
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Creative and refreshing—a delightful break from our busy schedules!"
  • Human Resources Department - Northrop Grumman
  • Diana was awesome, outstanding, and remarkable!
  • John Rayburn, Executive Vice President - Mechanical Contractors Assn. of Indiana, Inc.
  • Diana, On behalf of the Tri-Cities Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, thank you for coming to the Tri-Cities and providing an afternoon of laughter and inspiration. Your sense of humor and ability to inspire is a true gift, and the way that you seamlessly integrate the two into a powerful message of empowerment made a lasting impression with our Survivors and guests.
  • S. Curtis Rose - President of the Tri-Cities Affiliate of Susan G. Komen

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