Dawn Riley

Dawn Riley


Pioneering CEO and Captain of America True and one of the world's Top sailors, Dawn Riley has extensive and harrowing international experience including leading two Whitbread Round The World Race Sailing Teams and the French America's Cup team, AREVA bringing her total to 4 America's Cups.

She was the first American, man or woman to race in three America's Cup and two Whitbread Round ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

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Speech Topics
  • Entertainment & Inspirational Sailing Adventure Topics:

    Sea Stories of sailing around the world and a few America’s Cup Campaigns that incorporate adventure, life threatening ... View More

  • The Business of Sailing

    An America's Cup Team which Dawn has led three times in 'business language' is a start up, with $35-50 million raised ... View More

  • Inspirational programs:

    Learn how Dawn has lived her life with a passion to sail, to compete and to achieve what others said was not possible. ... View More

  • Team Building

    Professional Athlete Dawn Riley and Dr. Amy Baltzell, Sports Psychologist team up to bring an exciting, inspirational ... View More

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