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David Weinberger

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David Weinberger: The Internet, AI and Keeping Marketing Human

David Weinberger

Fellow, Harvard Berkman Center for Internet and Society

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
About David Weinberger

Since the dawn of the web, pioneering thought leader David Weinberger has been deciphering the impact of the technology on our lives, business, and ideas. He has pursued this work as a senior researcher at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society, as former co-director of the Harvard Library Innovation Lab, as a journalism fellow at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, a Franklin Fellow at the US State Department, and currently as a writer-in-residence at an AI research group at ...

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Everything is Miscellaneous:The Power of the New Digital Disorder

For thousands of years, we've organized our ideas the same way we've organized our laundry, separating them into neat piles. In the digital age, this unnecessary limitation keeps companies from getting ...

Web 2.0: The Myth and the Meaning

The term "Web 2.0" entered our vocabulary so quickly because we were eager to find a way to acknowledge the Web's rapid evolution. But it's important to separate the myth from the reality, and then -- ...

What Blogging is Not

Business and the media have insisted on misunderstanding weblogs so seriously that they can't see what's valuable in them and how they are changing their basic relationship with customers and audiences. ...

Latest Book

Everyday Chaos by David Weinberger
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. . . you achieved the best ever score for a plenary speaker at our event--a staggering 4.91 out of 5.0 based on 100 responses. In fact, quite a few of the respondents wanted to give you 6 out of 5 (but we had to mark their scores down to 5/5)!

Paul Johnson, Internet Business Solutions Group - Cisco/ Stockholm

David's talk . . . was entertaining, but challenged our customers to apply what they had learned to their businesses. His anecdotes and experience were invaluable in setting a business context for the how organizations can use content and information.

Bruce Milne - Vignette Users Conference

He was an absolute smash hit! He makes complex technology simple without making it trivial; he makes you laugh loud and often; he conveys passion and sincerity; and he does all of this without arrogance, pseudo-intellectualism, or ra ra futurism.

Tom Koulopoulos, President, - Delphi Group Integration Conference
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