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David Vulcano

David Vulcano

About David Vulcano

David is a well-known leader in the clinical research industry through numerous publications, presentations and contributions. Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, he earned Masters degrees in both Social Work and Business Administration. Additional credentials include obtaining the status of Certified IRB Professional (CIP) and Regulatory Affairs Certification (RAC). His current primary employment is as the Responsible Executive for Clinical Research for Hospital Corporation of America ...

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Healthcare Reform’s Impact on the Clinical Research Industry

Healthcare reform in the United States is moving forward. With such monumental shifts created by new laws and administrative efforts, ...

Regulations and Ethics of EHR / Big Data Research in Healthcare

There are research and privacy regulations governing the use of healthcare data for research purposes. Also, what's legal from a ...

Physician Payment Sunshine: A Ray of Hope or a Deeply Flawed Law?

Enacted as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Open Payments (formerly known as the "Physician Payment Sunshine ...

Based on detailed attendee feedback over the past 10 MAGI conferences, David has consistently been one of our top speakers. He has the rare ability to reliably deliver insightful and even entertaining talks on a wide variety of very complex topics.

Norman Goldfarb - MAGI

David Vulcano has been a speaker for our Global Conference and Exhibition since 2007 and has consistently high speaker scores. David is well known for his selection of excellent topics and superb delivery. I strongly recommend David as a speaker.

James D. Thomasell, Executive Director - Association of Clinical Research Professionals
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