Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.

  • Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County
  • Frequent News Media Guest
  • Political Commentator
  • The principles Sheriff Clarke stands for are the same principles this nation was built on. He's much more than the Milwaukee County Sheriff. He's America's Sheriff.
  • Sean Hannity - Fox News Channel
  • Clarke is a unique voice today: fearless in his contempt for political correctness and eloquent in his articulation of core American values.
  • Heather Mac Donald - Manhattan Institue
  • Sheriff Davide Clarke provides a much needed voice of reason in tackling America's challenges. He speaks his mind, and his no-nonsense approach to law and order is exactly what we need to make our country safer.
  • Chris W. Cox, Executive Director - NRA Institute for Legislative Action
  • Even in a predominantly liberal community, his message of law and order, accountability, and self empowerment resonates. He is one of America's most important cultural voices.
  • Mark Belling - Radio Host
  • At a time when America seems to have lost its way, Sheriff David Clarke offers critically important leadership, both as one of the nations' top cops and as a much-needed public truth teller.
  • Monica Crowley - The Washington Times

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