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You presented an important message full of powerful wisdom and examples, punctuated with style and humor. You bring a presence and charisma to your audience, and you know how to involve the crowd and keep them attentive.
Manufacturers Resource Center
Everyone walked away from our meeting energized--not only with motivational thoughts, but also with practical tips that we can use in our everyday lives. Thanks for delivering more than we were hoping for!
Southwest Airlines Co.
Clearly, the highlight of the day and the "difference maker" was the series you facilitated. Many participants were especially impressed by your ability to tie the qualities of successful leadership directly to our core values and philosophy.
Preston Johnson, Jr. Sr. VP HR and Shared Services - CenterPoint Energy
David's presentation was extremely well received. On target, with great reminders and challenges. David and his keynote address was the star; with highest accolades and setting the tone and stage for everything that followed. Thanks to you and David for making this happen and allowing us to benefit of his vast knowledge, experience and talent.
Eli Cotti, Director - NBAA
David is an amazing speaker. He has the perfect way of saying what needs to be said, and making it stick.
Rhonda Thomas - Bridgestone Commercial
David's southern charm, wit, and passion combined with his "reigniting success" message were perfect timing. "No Matter What", "From Now On", and "Consider It Done" are now embedded into our management team's vocabulary and actions.
Jeanne Bronson VP Training & Professional Development - The Pearson Group
“Your presentation to the group was exceptional and there have been many very kind remarks heard around the company as a result...We would strongly recommend your program to anyone.”
Dr. Louis Sportelli, President - NCMIC Group, Inc.
“We scored a homerun by choosing David Cottrell as our closing presenter...He did a great job in expanding the principles of leadership outlined in his book. Our managers were attentive, interactive, and interested. No greater compliment can be delivered to a presenter from his audience. Mr. Cottrell was certainly what we had hoped and expected...and more.”
Hank Sigmon, State Associate Director of Sales - NC Farm Bureau Insurance Company
“Your message was right on target. You did a terrific job of incorporating our theme, 'Reaching New Heights,' as well as our corporate values into your presentation. The feedback from our managers has been very positive, and some of the sayings from your Monday Morning Leadership book are becoming commonplace around our organization.”
Timothy L. Stanley, President & CEO - Heights Finance Corporation