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Dave Knox Dave Knox

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Dave Knox is a leading consultant, speaker, and coach in the areas of innovation, marketing, and digital transformation. He's been asked to share his expertise by some of the world's largest companies and most innovative startups. Dave blends classical brand marketing acumen with an entrepreneurial instinct to navigate a changing corporate landscape. He is recognized throughout the industry as an innovator who bridges the worlds between brand marketing, digital, and entrepreneurship. As Chief Marketing Officer of Rockfish, Dave helped the company become one of the fastest- growing agencies in the country, going from $8 million in 2010 to $70+ million in revenue in 2016. Simultaneously, Dave co-founded The Brandery, one of the top 10 startup accelerators in the US. Combining these two worlds, Dave is also the author of the bestselling Predicting the Turn: The High Stakes Game of Business Between Startups and Blue Chips.