Dr. Darryl Adams

Dr. Darryl Adams

  • Rock & Roll, Hip Hop & Soul Superintendent
  • TLC Philosophy (Trust, Love & Collaboration)
  • Named by Obama -Top 100 Innovative Supt in US

Dr. Adams is the Rock & Roll, Hip Hop & Soul Superintendent, Thought Leader and Technology Evangelist! He is an eternal optimist who keeps it real by bringing his unique energy, passion, oratory skills and original musical messages to inspire audiences everywhere. His goal is to change the world through creative servant leadership, innovation and out of the box thinking! Dr. Adams' Keynote Presentations or Keynote Concerts are engaging, interactive, informative and fun. Think Hamilton meets Tony Robbins meets Martin Luther King with a touch of Rick James, James Brown and Jay Z!

Dr. Adams is the creator of the TLC Philosophy of (Trust, Love and Collaboration). His goal for education is to help make this a better world by inspiring everyone to participate

in providing equity, equality and opportunity for all by ensuring that we "Leave No Child Offline and No Teacher Behind."

Dr. Darryl Adams has served in servant leadership positions for over 30 years and under his servant leadership, his former school district was the first in the nation to provide a mobile device (iPads) for every student from preschool through high school and the first in the world to ensure students 24/7 internet access by putting wifi routers on school buses by way of his Wifi-on-Wheels initiative.

In 2014, the U.S. Department of Education and the Obama White House named Dr. Adams one of the Top 100 Innovative Superintendents in the Nation. His iPads for All and Wifi-on-Wheels initiatives garnered a much-heralded shout-out from the President during the 2014 Future Ready Summit at the White House! President Obama praised Dr. Adams' leadership and creativity and spoke to the importance of the iPads for All and Wifi-on-Wheels programs as being innovative ways in connecting students and families to educational opportunities.

Dr. Adams has been named as one of the most influential voices in education by Tech and Learning magazine and the Center for Digital Education has honored him as one of the Top 30 Technologists, Transformers & Trailblazers in the nation in digital conversion.

He has also led the way in educational technology and digital conversion, broadband infrastructure expansion for schools and homes and in developing teacher educational technology certification programs. Dr. Adams has been interviewed by and highlighted on National Public Radio, The U.S. Department of Education, The Learning Counsel, the CBS Evening News with Scott Pelly and the Center for Digital Education regarding educational technology innovations to name a few.

This fall, Dr. Adams will be releasing his first book "Leave No Child Offline, Leave No Teacher Behind: Keys to Transforming Education in America" and his first original music collection "The Unity Album" in 2017!

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