Darrius Garrett

Darrius Garrett, Youth Speaker Darrius Garrett, Youth Speaker

Darrius Garrett Speech Topics

The Importance of Teachers Who Cares and Education
Darrius shares vivid stories of his educational experience and the role that education, especially writing and reading, played in helping him change the direction of his life. Darrius speaking style is explained as original, charismatic, and brilliant as he feeds off of the vibe of the audience...
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From Hustling to Hope: How Being An Original Freedom Writer Saved My Life
Timing was everything for Darrius Garrett as he was headed down a road of destruction that only promised him maybe to see the age of 16, which many including himself, did not think he would see. Darrius takes us on a journey in his involvement with Ms. Gruwell as an Original Freedom Writer which...
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Color Outside the Box
Darrius' upcoming book Color Outside The Box instead “The Road to Success Without The Mess” is explained as Darrius tells his entrepreneur story of moving from the writing process to publishing a book. His book Color Outside The Box gives the keys to what he says are the rules to success. The...
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HIStory: The Inspiration Within
Darrius is able to cater his speech to any audience as he has been through immense tragedy. Darrius has encountered many things in his life and has lived to talk about it. In the movie “Freedom Writers” the young man by the name of “Marcus” which is based on Darrius went through homelessness,...
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Breakout Sessions: Diary of a Freedom Writer “The Experience”
Diary of a Freedom Writer “The Experience” is a book written by Darrius Garrett describing the various experiences of his life that led to his decision to change and want better for himself. Darrius Garrett shares a few stories from his book and opens the floor to questions and answers from those...
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