Daren Streblow

  • Hilarious Clean Comedian
  • Featured on Bill Gaither Programs
  • Youth Outreach

They say it doesn't usually work this way, but many years ago Daren Streblow received an unusual call on his life--to become a stand-up comedian. Daren Streblow didn't know that God was in the business of appointing entertainers to do Kingdom work but he didn't argue. He stepped out of a career in Christian radio and became a comedian.

Daren now performs in corporate, college, club and christian venues nationwide. As a stand-up comedian, it is typically difficult to entertain audiences across all generational demographics. Daren is one of the few who has excelled at this. His clean comedy breaks down all generational walls as he has a knack for connecting with teens. In today's world, the youth have been the most difficult to capture. Daren Streblow's hilarious, clean comedy allows parents to sit with their teens and laugh at each other without feeling uncomfortable.

Daren has been featured at Bill Gaither's "Praise Gathering"; "Estes Park"; "Spirit - West Coast"; numerous "Youth for Christ" events as well as countless "Fellowship of Christian Athletes" dates. He has been a featured performer on the Ken Davis, David Phelps and Jeff Allen Tours. Daren also performs regularly at corporate events, Comedy Clubs and colleges. Daren is a routine comedian at the Youth Specialties Convention and the National Pastor's Convention.

Daren Streblow is perfect for outreach events, because you don't have to be a Christian to enjoy his clean comedy. In his routines, by request, he often mentions that he is a Christian, and shares hilarious observations about living the Christian life in today's world.

Your audience will love his clean, observational comedy and if asked will offer the Light of the Gospel. Daren Streblow will gain your audience's trust through laughter, and plant the seed of the Gospel through their trust.

Keynote $2,500.00
Faith Keynote $2,500.00
Daren Streblow travels from Duluth, Minnesota and requires Coach class for 1

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