Daniel Levitt Bio

Winning baseball teams need major league talent in the front office and on the field. Daniel Levitt is a leading expert on both.

Levitt is one of baseball's most astute front office analysts of owners, general managers and baseball business strategies who combines a historical, scholarly and fan understanding of teams, coaches, players and pennants. He well could be the man for whom the ubiquitous term "Inside Baseball" was coined. He is an award-winning author, MLB Network TV commentator, frequent sports radio guest, recipient of the Society for American Baseball Research 2015 Bob Davids Award, and a diehard fan of America's classic pastime. Levitt always delivers an acute perspective on how the business of baseball impacts the playing of baseball and conversely, the lessons business can learn from our national pastime.

He has written four exhaustive and acclaimed books and dozens of essays illustrating the importance that GM's, team owners, coaches and players collectively share in shaping not just baseball teams but baseball culture, history -- and the game itself. Levitt's formidable knowledge and nuanced attention to detail can dramatically color any fan's love of the game. Whether he's looking at how dynasties were built after baseball's formative years of the Deadball era, or gauging in the post-Moneyball period -- and in the current 50th Anniversary Year of the Players Association -- where the game is going, Levitt throws strikes with an impressive arsenal of pitches.

Trained in Business and Finance, Schooled in Baseball's Many Economies

Levitt's expertise -- finding a historical context relative to a baseball team's economics in their win-loss record -- relies on mountains of research and his ability to accurately judge operational decision-making inside organizations while also seeing baseball's big picture. Credit that to Levitt's training in business and finance, which include 25 years at Ryan Companies U.S. where he manages capital markets for Ryan-owned properties. He holds both a BS in Industrial Engineering and a Master of Science in Business from University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Born in New York City, but raised in Minneapolis, Levitt is past president of the Minnesota chapter of SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), and a member since 1983. A Twins fan, he still plays the game he learned to love as a kid, occasionally in left field on the local SABR vintage baseball team.