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Dan Thurmon

  • Best-selling Author
  • Member of "Speakers Hall of Fame"
  • Amazing Communicator, Juggler and Acrobat

Dan Thurmon is the author of two books, a renowned speaker, and a recognized expert in delivering peak performances - on stage and in the workplace. As president of Motivation Works, Inc., he has worked with hundreds of clients and delivered thousands of presentations worldwide. Dan helps organizations and individuals implement actions plans and move confidently through transitions.


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Keynote Reel
Slowing Down to Accelerate
Safety Conference
Behind The Scenes
The Measure of Your Influence
Off Balance in Action
Speech Topics
  • Perform - Ability

    It isn’t really possible to “always be at your best because every moment counts” - some moments count much more than ... View More

  • Off Balance On Purpose

    A common challenge for organizations today is helping their employees bring more energy to work and not only embrace ... View More

  • Off Balance on Purpose in Practice

    Your people are your organization. When individuals perform well, the organization does too. For organizations to truly ... View More

Text Reviews
  • This was the most vibrant reaction to a speaker I've ever experienced inside or outside the corporation.
  • IBM
  • Dan has a unique delivery style and absolutely on-point message.
  • Petrina - Sun Mircrosystems
  • I've heard from numerous attendees, and I would have to agree, Dan was the BEST speaker we have ever seen.
  • Planner - Deliotte

Dan's Blog

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Hearing and Heeding
Are you hearing what your life is trying so desperately to tell you? This short video will help you amplify your ability to hea...

Your Most Important Relationship
What is your most important relationship? This week, Dan offers insights to help you clarify that answer and improve your relat...

Slow and Steady
Is the fast way always the best way? Or could it be that by waiting for an easier way, you could be missing out on significant ...

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