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Dan Thurmon

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Dan Thurmon

Show Stopping Performance. Life Changing Message.

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Atlanta, GA, US
About Dan Thurmon

A teacher of peak performance, an author of impactful books and presentations, and a lifelong student of success, happiness, and achievement, Dan Thurmon is on a mission. To encourage attendees' uniqueness and contributions. To discover a sense of purpose and greatness. To have meaning at work, and in their lives.

At an early age, Dan learned the power of performance, on stage and in the various parts of our life. When he was eleven years old, he encountered a mentor who taught him some amazing ...

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Perform - Ability

It isn’t really possible to “always be at your best because every moment counts” - some moments count much more than others. That’s why it’s more important to be your best When It Matters The Most. In this ...

Off Balance On Purpose

A common challenge for organizations today is helping their employees bring more energy to work and not only embrace change but see it as an opportunity to lead. Dan Thurmon believes the reason that people ...

Off Balance on Purpose in Practice

Your people are your organization. When individuals perform well, the organization does too. For organizations to truly thrive, especially with a millennial workforce, they need to provide hands-on ...

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Off Balance On Purpose by Dan Thurmon
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This was the most vibrant reaction to a speaker I've ever experienced inside or outside the corporation.


Dan has a unique delivery style and absolutely on-point message.

Petrina - Sun Mircrosystems

I've heard from numerous attendees, and I would have to agree, Dan was the BEST speaker we have ever seen.

Planner - Deliotte

Your targeted, well-planned message with an entertaining spin landed the points our team needed to hear, and energized them!

Bob Kubacki - Pella Corporation

Your ability to weave what you learned during our meetings and your trip with one of our consultants in the field really helped build up your credibility with our field staff.

Mark - Chick-fil-A

You challenged us to use our gifts, and to take action when we have the chance. On behalf of everyone who attended, and all 72,000 members of the Raytheon team, please accept my deepest thanks and very best wishes.

William Swanson, CEO - Raytheon Company
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Sweet Pleasure

What do you do when you feel like caving in or abandoning your best intentions? When your commitment and discipline are tested, you might opt for an even sweeter kind of pleasure. Watch until the end for an unexpected twist I just didn’t see coming!

What To Do When You Doubt

This week, I had three people tell me they were struggling with self-doubt, asking for ideas to help. Great topic, as self-doubt … or shaken confidence, is part of the human experience. In this short video, you'll get some helpful insights and actions to implement when you feel the doubt coming on. And as an added ...

Better Than Best

When does pursing what is “best” actually work against you? What’s in your best interest may be a pursuit of a better option. This short (2.5 min video) will change your thinking and, quite possibly, your next decision.