Dan Gardner

Dan Gardner


Dan Gardner is a journalist, author, and lecturer who enjoys nothing so much as writing about himself in the third person.

Trained in law (LL.B., Osgoode Hall Law School, Class of '92) and history (M.A., York University, '95), Dan first worked as a political staffer to a prominent politician. In 1997, he joined the editorial board of the Ottawa Citizen. His writing has won or been ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Risk perception. Forecasting and decision-making. The art of compelling communication.

    Lecturing on these and other important topics for clients ranging from governments to NGOs and major corporations, Dan ... View More

  • Think Like a Fox

    To use the terminology of Philip Tetlock, a renowned psychologist at the University of California's Haas School of ... View More

  • The Forecast for Tomorrow: More Future Babble

    The media are partly to blame for not holding experts to account when their predictions fail. But more fundamentally, ... View More

  • Frightened by Shadows

    We are by far the safest, healthiest, and wealthiest people who ever lived. But we sure don't act like it. If we are so ... View More

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