Dan Britton

Dan Britton

  • Professional Development Expert
  • Marathoner and Former Pro Lacrosse Player
  • Author, Trainer and Motivator

Dan Britton is the co-author of One Word that Will Change Your Life with Jon Gordon and can speak on any of Jon Gordon's presentations. He is a dynamic communicator who speaks, trains, and facilitates around the world. He is a sought after speaker for non-profits, schools, businesses, churches, conferences, camps, and conventions. He is author of four books including WisdomWalks, True ... VIEW MORE

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One Word That Will Change Your Life
CBS News
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    Based on the catalytic book One Word That Will Change Your Life, Dan shares how to simplify your life and business by ... View More

Text Reviews
  • My wife and I read One Word and we loved it! My favorite word for this book is POWERFUL! Read it today and discover the power of One Word!
  • Lou Holtz
  • Whether he's giving pregame pep talks in NFL locker rooms across the country or casting vision in boardrooms around the world, Dan Britton delivers a leadership message that always packs a punch.
  • Ron Forseth - Outreach, Inc.
  • Without question Dan Britton is one of the finest trainers and communicators to leaders I’ve ever heard. He is a no-miss option when it comes to inspiring and training your team. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.
  • Dan Webster - Authentic Leadership, Inc.
Dan Britton travels from Kansas City, MO and requires one coach class airfare, meals, hotel, and professional car service in event city.

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