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Dan Clark Speech Topics

Change – “The Hard Is What Makes It Great”
If change was easy, everybody would do it. Change is painful, but pain is a signal to grow not to suffer. Once we learn the lesson the pain is teaching us, the pain goes away. Change from the outside-in is reactive which creates pressure. Change from the inside-out is proactive which creates...
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Increasing Productivity – “Taking It To The Next Level”
We’re told to think outside the lines, think outside the box. What if the answers are still in the box? Most come to conventions in search of new answers when what we need are the right answers. None of us can exceed our potential, we just misjudge it. We can only exceed expectations. When we...
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Managing Relationships – “Million Dollar Habits”
(In Downsizing or Mergers & Acquisitions, Dan will mesh the remaining personalities into one organization). The only place from which a person can grow is where he or she is. We must go where they are physically an emotionally. Only there can we invite them to grow. Herein lies the secret to...
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Team Building – “Just Win Baby”
Teams lose, winning teams don’t. Whoever said “It’s not about whether you win or lose that counts. . .” probably lost. Companies go bankrupt every day and they are a team. They coach results instead of behavior. They compete against their “Plan” instead of against their competition. No one on the...
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