Damian Mason NSB

Damian Mason

  • Businessman
  • Agriculturist
  • Podcaster, Writer and Consultant.

Damian Mason is a Businessman, Agriculturist, Speaker, Podcaster, Writer, and Consultant.

Damian's life on stage began in southern California, when he won a Halloween contest dressed as Bill Clinton. Within months, he resigned his position as a sales representative for a Fortune 500 company.

Presidents change as does the marketplace. Damian reinvented himself and his business -- ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Tell Them an Environmental Story
In the Country, We Eat Good...And so do the Raccoons
Nat'l Association of County Agricultural Agents Reference
Speech Topics
  • ReInvention

    Stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Join Damian as he explores how success and longevity depend on your ability ... View More

  • Humor for the Heart of Agriculture

    Hilarious stories and ag–themed comedy with an optimistic message for those who earn their living in agriculture. ... View More

  • Ag: Trends, Topics & Tomorrow

    Intelligent, provocative commentary on the current issues that impact the business of Agriculture, delivered in ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Your presentation with added humor was perfect for anyone involved in agribusiness. You really hit home that we do need to speak as an organization, as an industry in terms that folks three generations removed will understand.
  • Ben Boerner, CAE President - Texas Grain & Feed Association
  • Damian's presentation was funny, provocative and relevant. He received excellent marks from our attendees! We would recommend Damian to any banking conference.
  • Pam O’Reilly - Montana Bankers Association
  • I think I speak for all of us here in saying you did an outstanding job in Panama. . . . "It was phenomenal" was one of the comments that our dealers gave us after the general session.
  • Matt Daley, President & CEO - GEA Farm Technologies, Inc. and North America

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