Curtis Sliwa
Curtis Sliwa
  • Founder and Leader of The Guardian Angels
  • Host of The Curtis Sliwa Show
  • Grassroots leader, activist and patriot


Curtis Sliwa, known by millions as the founder and leader of The Guardian Angels, has greatly impacted the American way of life. Curtis refused to accept criminal activity and founded one of the world's largest grassroots organizations.

The Guardian Angels

In 1979, New York City was the crime capital of the United States. Along with many NYC natives, Curtis Sliwa grew tired of the subway threats, street fights and fearful nights. These dangers and lack of control were the impetus for Sliwa's groundbreaking idea: The Guardian Angels. Conceived as a grassroots opportunity for individuals to rally with one another, The Guardian Angels quickly became an international phenomenon. Known by their signature red berets, the Angels' persona stood for justice and the empowerment of individuals.

Today, The Guardian Angels have expanded into 14 countries and over 140 cities. The volunteer organization continues to flourish as individuals assume local responsibility for their communities. It is a constant example of the power of "Us and We, not I and Me."/p...


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Curtis Sliwa
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Empowerment: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”
Curtis speaks out on “empowering the powerless”, engaging individuals in helping themselves rather...
Leadership: One Individual CAN Make a Difference.
Curtis encourages individuals of all walks of life to take on leadership roles and build effective...
Violence Prevention: Anti-Bullying, Anti-Gangs and Internet Safety
Curtis calls upon schools, church groups, parent and community organizations to take on the problem...

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Curtis Sliwa is the best speaker I have ever heard in my entire life!

Bob Proctor, From The Secret & Chairman of the LifeSuccess Companies

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