Corey Owens

Corey Owens


Corey Owens has spent his career at the bleeding edge of disruptive innovation, from media (Facebook), to transportation (Uber), to real estate (WeWork). Corey has spent his career at the intersection of those who would build and those who would govern, and has led some of the most complex and high-profile campaigns for change in recent corporate history.

He is currently the Head of ... VIEW MORE

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ITS America Annual Meeting Closing Plenary Keynote
St Gallen Symposium
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  • Governing the Ungovernable: When Innovation and Regulation Collide

    Is one company’s belief that an existing regulatory regime is outdated an excuse to ignore the the law entirely? Should ... View More

  • The Future of Work from Ridesharing to Robots

    Never before in human history has innovation and technological disruption so immediately enhanced or threatened the ... View More

  • The Cult of Creators: Entrepreneurship in the "We Generation"

    Open any newspaper, tune to any TV channel, and you'll see a celebration of "entrepreneurs," a canonization of ... View More

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  • First at Facebook and then at Uber, Corey helped shape how a generation of innovative companies interact with governments.
  • Joel Kaplan, Deputy - White House Chief of Staff
  • Corey's record speaks for itself: ride-sharing regulations passed across the US and internationally for the benefit of riders and drivers everywhere.
  • David Plouffe, Campaign Manager - Board Director at Uber
Corey Owens travels from Washington, DC and requires first class airfare and expenses.

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