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Connie Dieken

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The skills we learned have transformed our business. Your program taught us critical communication skills like how to spot needs and fill them, replace pitches with solutions, and simplify complex messages to cut through the clutter.
Kendall Myles, Senior VP - Cardinal Commerce
Your program was the best presentation we have ever had. Everyone was very impressed. You helped develop our listening skills, determine the best way to reach a person, develop persuasion skills, and develop presentation skills. Thank you!
Ted Sturges, Branch Manager - AG Edwards
Your presentation rated "excellent" even by our hard-to-impress attendees. With your help, our advisors are accelerating their ability to influence and getting optimal results. We appreciate the insights you shared with us.
Kevin Beard, Sr. Field VP, Business Development - Pacific Life
You have improved our performance, thank you! You have the ability to roll up your sleeves and work with such energy that it makes it fun for everyone. Your techniques to help us be more confident, powerful, geared up and ready to go are tremendous.
Betsy Ross, Manager, Sales Organization Development - Moen Inc.
Your program was full of insight and everyone was very enthusiastic! We're now making faster connections, communicating with better candor, and eliminating costly miscommunication.
Dianne Digianantionio, Director, Corporate Communications - Diebold Inc.
My program was a complete success--it couldn't have gone any better. I've received tremendously positive feedback. You were spot on with all the observations.
Jacqueline O'Brien, Director - Alcoa
Connie is a true communications virtuoso and a genuine phenomenon. She is on a mission to elevate our ability to communicate.
Robert Johnson, Managing Counsel - McDonalds