Chuck Hiter

Chuck Hiter

At 6'1" and 220 pounds Chuck Hiter, "The Hit Man," is on the ball, in fact he's all over the ball! With his athletic talent, hand eye coordination, motor skill ability, and professional golf and baseball background he has created the most dazzling one hour golf entertainment show that has ever been seen. His goal is to simply be the best and most unique at what he does.

As a touring golf professional he has three wins to his credit. Chuck Hiter holds the Guinness world record for distance and accuracy while hitting a golf ball out of mid air.

Chuck Hiter has performed for hundreds of corporate outings, charity functions, member/guest tournaments, PGA tournaments and special events.

He has made appearances on all the major TV networks, including CBS Sports, ABC Sports, Fox, The Golf Channel and ESPN. Chuck has also been featured in magazines such as Golf World and Sports Illustrated along with the USA Today Newspaper.

To answer the question, who is "The Hit Man" is easy- Chuck Hiter is the world's most exciting golf trick shot expert.

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Chuck Hiter travels from Sarasota, Florida and requires Coach class for 1

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