Christopher Hahn

Christopher Hahn

  • Political Commentator & Consultant
  • Former Senate Aid
  • Cable News and Radio Commentator

Christopher Hahn is a highly sought after progressive pundit, radio host, political consultant and attorney based in New York. He has made numerous national television appearances on a variety of political, pop culture and public policy topics. His popular radio show airs Thursday Nights 8-10 and replay's on Sunday nights 6-8 pm on 103.9 FM in NY on LI News Radio and on 900 AM ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

Debate: Separating Reality from Rhetoric
Speech Topics
  • Corporate and Association Keynote:

    Christopher Hahn's ability to dissect the news and events of the day give him the insight to demonstrate trends ... View More

  • Political Debate:

    Pair this speaker with any conservative pick a topic and watch the sparks fly.

  • Pop Culture and American Politics:

    Hahn discusses the impact of politics on popular culture and vice versa. Hahn summarizes the popular 16 week ... View More

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