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Christopher Bauer, Business Ethics Christopher Bauer, Business Ethics

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Ethics expert and humorist Christopher Bauer brings a unique and fresh perspective to professional ethics. As a clinical psychologist, business owner, and business consultant, he has seen the decision-making process from every angle. With over twenty-five years in the field, he has seen what helps employees make the right decisions instead of the wrong ones and that is exactly where the rubber meets the road in ethics.

Dr. Bauer's humor-filled keynotes and seminars help audiences reduce their risk of ethics violations by providing them with easy but essential 'real-world' ideas and tools they can put into practice immediately. Rather than simply teaching the about ethics code or code of conduct, these programs are designed to give audiences the tools they need to really 'walk the talk' of great ethics. (And unlike so many other ethics programs, it seems, these programs are fun!)

Given the extraordinary cost of ethics problems, Dr. Bauer's ability to help your employees have fun while reducing their risk for ethics problems means a great return on your investment in having him speak.

Now more than ever, businesses and associations depend on everyone to make the right decisions where ethics are concerned and now you can bring in a speaker who can specifically address how to do so. Dr. Bauer has spoken to audiences from around the world and his fresh message is embraced wherever he goes.

In addition to speaking and consulting, Dr. Bauer publishes a "Weekly Ethics Thought" that is read by thousands of subscribers from around the globe and his latest book, "Better Ethics NOW: How To Avoid The Ethics Disaster You Never Saw Coming" has been a business 'Top Seller' on

Whether for the boardroom, your managers and executives, or employees on the front lines, Dr. Bauer's lively, practical keynotes and seminars will both educate and motivate - all while helping your audience make better, more ethically attuned decisions all day, every day.