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"So Michelle, what do you do?"

By Michelle Poler, Posted November 3rd 2015

Who knew this question could make me feel so many things at the same time: 
1. Lost: What do I do?
2. Insecure: Well, I used to be an Art Director, now.. I'm unemployed
3. Unapologetic: I'm unemployed because I quit my job
4. Naive: to pursue my dream
5. ...

Abstract:  The care management models in use by most health plans are vintage designs created over 20 years ago, and are more about controlling utilization than consumer engagement.  These aging models create antagonistic relationships between payers and providers.

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Josh Sundquist Halloween

By Josh Sundquist, Posted November 2nd 2015

We’ve all seen the slew of viral Halloween costumes that make their way onto the internet each year. We’d like you to meet someone who is taking costume creativity to a level that you’ve probably never seen before: US Amputee Soccer Team member, author and "Halloween...

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By Robert Stevenson, Posted October 29th 2015

Let’s get one thing straight … we all begin as a NOVICE. No one, let me repeat that, NO ONE starts as an expert. We all have to learn to walk, talk, eat, swim, count, write, and read. We all start at zero, the bottom, from scratch, zip … with absolutely no knowledge,...


Best-selling author and former executive director of the George Lucas Education Foundation, Milton Chen has been awarded the President’s Prize at the NHK Japan Award Ceremony! This honor is the most prestigious international award for education and societal media and Milton is beyond...

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How to keep work from becoming a grind

By Erik Wahl, Posted October 29th 2015

Is your work a spark or a grind?

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of business professionals over the past decade. The vast majority of them have the most honorable intentions. They entered the workforce with a deep desire to impact change. They wanted to make a difference.

But, for any...

"What if Uber and Walmart had a baby?"

Now that's a subject line that would entice you to read an email (see below for the answer).

But what if your subject line reads like this:

"Follow up to our conversation"

eeechhh, blahhh, grrrrgh, bleeeesch.

What does it take to write a good subject line?...


Nicole Roundy, a champion Paralympic snowboarder, is joining a group of wounded veterans in an impressive expedition to hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. Known as Operation Canyon Rising, the hike will take place September 8-12, 2016. It is designed to encourage participants to lead a fulfilling,...

Former contestant on NBC’s The Biggest LoserSonya Jones, came in second place by only .01%: the closest loss in the history of the show. She lost 50.88% of her body fat vs. the winning total of 50.89%. Before she accomplished this feat, Sonya was an elementary school physical...

Leadership Guru, legendary speaker and best-selling author, Dr. John Maxwell has inspired millions of people around the world through his speaking engagements, blog, podcasts and more. His gift of storytelling and human connection has resulted in being recognized as the #1 leader in business by...