A few days ago, Twitter introduced the world to Periscope: a brand new app that lets users see the world through your perspective via live stream. Twitter recently bought the start up for about $100 million and it has been making quite a ripple in the tech and social media world. Since its...

If there is one skill that is needed for leaders today as we head to 2020 it is the ability to come up with real time creative solutions. I am talking about in the moment solutions that come from a place  of, ‘how can we make this work?’ rather than habitual habits of the brain...


“Impressions about blindness are far more threatening to blind people than blindness itself.”


Don’t Bet Against The Midwest

By Dave Knox, Posted March 30th 2015


If I was to share the following facts with you, what part of the US would you think I’m talking about:

  • Represents over 20% of the US GDP
  • Nearly 25% of all research in the US is done here and 25% of all patents in the US are granted here
  • In the last 5 years, 52 companies that are based here...


The Rise of Brand Tech

By Dave Knox, Posted March 25th 2015



When the industry talks about startups and technology in the advertising industry, it often receives the shorthand description of “AdTech”.

It is a term that I have always struggled with from the perspective of a Brand Marketer.

Most brand marketers aren’t hands on when it...


One of the greatest gifts you can give a child or anyone for that matter is confidence. It’s not easily bestowed. It is acquired through years of experience, both successes and failures. I’m a believer there is no better life teacher than losing. Trust me, I've done my share of losing...

Today’s corporate leaders are under intense pressure to deliver continuous business growth. But where exactly is this growth supposed to come from? What most companies understand now is that the only way to drive profitable growth and wealth creation over the longer term is to innovate.



How Big Ideas Are Built

By Rowan Gibson, Posted March 21st 2015

Companies often ask themselves why their innovation efforts seem to produce so few truly game-changing ideas. Why are they mostly getting only lukewarm suggestions for incremental improvements rather than radical new concepts for revolutionizing their industries? How can an organization get...


The Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure has become the largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors, advocates for prevention and initiatives for funding breast cancer research. Founded in 1982 and named after her sister, who lost the battle with cancer, Nancy Brinker fought to grow...


When my husband Ken and I were raising our children, one of our mantras was to instill both roots and wings in our children: strong roots so they would value home and family, and so they would develop a real sense of stability, security and belonging. At the same time, we encouraged them to...