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Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison

Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison

Simplify weight loss with an easy, practical, sane way to eat.

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About Pearl Barrett & Serene Allison

Two sisters, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, are self -published and owners of their own publishing company, Welby Street Press. They launched their book Trim Healthy Mama at the end of 2013 and to date it has sold over 100, 000 copies. It is ranked the number one Amazon title for the 2013/2014 Health and Wellness Category, has been a top 10 online bestseller for Barnes&Noble and on The New York Times bestseller list.

The sisters sidestepped the traditional industry models and ...

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Find a Trim Healthy “YOU” Without all the Misery!

The binge then purge mentality is entrenched deeply within us women but it only leads to crash and burn. Diet headlines continue to scream ridiculous promises, “Lose Ten Pounds in Ten Days! The ...

Yes, Life is Chaos but Your “Trim and Healthy” is Possible!

The stumbling blocks that prevent women from better health and trimmer waistlines often begin with, “too”. Too Busy Too Expensive Too Tired Too “Been There Done That” Too Stressed Too In Pain ...

From Food Fear to Food Freedom

From Food Fear to Food Freedom God’s food truth versus man’s food wisdom comes into conflict, whom do we believe? There is a vast ocean of pounding waves out there called “health advice”- it is ...

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