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The 4:8 Principle...For BUSINESS
Building on Tommy’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, this lively presentation, tailored for business leaders, challenges and equips participants to think clearly, resourcefully and productively about the key people, priorities and projects under their responsibility. Audience...
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The 4:8 Principle
Based on Tommy’s latest book, this dynamic, entertaining program teaches participants how to think productively and positively about the key areas and issues in their life. Learn, step by step, how to upgrade your potential for joy and bring out the best in yourself and others by changing the way...
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Success Is Not An Accident™
Based on Tommy's BESTSELLING book, (now revised and expanded) this energizing, content rich presentation is a combination of timeless principles and practical concepts that prepare audience members to consistently live with unstoppable momentum. You'll discover the seven elements of peak...
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Maximum Energy
Maximum Energy is not an accident! Individuals who experience a continuous, revitalizing flow of energy make different choices than those who consistently operate in an energy deficit. You can increase your return on energy and your return on life by becoming highly sensitive to the choices you...
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Successful Families are not an Accident™
Based on Tommy’s popular Couples Planning Retreat at Blackberry Farm. This important and provocative presentation challenges parents to proactively strengthen the quality of their marriage and family life through the practice of goal setting and thoughtful planning. A strong family depends on a...
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