Nika Maples, K-12 Education, Teacher Motivation, Teaching Principles, Disabilities

Nika Maples

  • Texas Teacher of the Year
  • Inspiration To All Facing Adversity
  • Author of "Hunting Hope"

Nika Maples, a native Texan, never thought she would become a teacher. By her sophomore year in college God revealed other plans

In 1994, a lupus-induced stroke left Nika quadriplegic. She could not speak, swallow, or blink. In intensive care, she listened as physicians warned her family that she had as little as 48 hours to live. If she lived at all, they said, she could ... VIEW MORE

Speaker Media

TEDx: What Paralysis Taught Me About True Strength
When Hope Speaks
Harvest Show Interview
Chapel Speech
Speech Topics
  • How to Become a Hope Hunter: Seeking Until You Find What You Need the Most

    Hope is not an accident. Sometimes it has to be hunted, and hunting it takes courage. Hope hunters know how ... View More

  • Beyond the Veil, There is Hope: Learning to Live in Intimacy with the Father

    When we experience chronic pain or loss, our natural response is to hide our hearts in order to protect them ... View More

  • Secrets of the Psalms: Uncovering the Treasures in the Bible‚Äôs Poetry

    The Lord left incomparable jewels hidden for us in the book of Psalms. From the hidden connections between ... View More

  • Finding Our Way in the Dark: How God Works Through Depression

    It is tempting to think that any and all darkness is not from the Lord, but the Bible tells story after story ... View More

Text Reviews
  • All that I can say is that Nika blew us away! I have helped with this conference for 7 years. We have had over 25 speakers. Nika is the first to have an OVERWHELMING STANDING OVATION.
  • Treva Brensing - Women Walking with God Conference (Wichita, KS)
  • Nika rocked the house at our Celebration Dinner! Her moving testimony, humor, and sincerity made a lasting impression on everyone.
  • Craig Smith - Fort Worth Christian School, Texas
  • Every life is a story, but some lives are must-reads. Nika's life is just such a story. Her difficult, challenging, transforming journey inspires me to make my life a better story as well.
  • Rick Atchley - Minister of the Word, The Hills Church

Nika's Blog

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