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Nicole Johnson

  • Founder of Fresh Brewed Life
  • Bestselling Author, Dramatist, and Inspiring
  • 11 Year Speaker/Performer with Women of Faith

A bestselling author, performer, and motivational speaker, Nicole Johnson is one of the most sought-after creative communicators in America today. Her unique ability to blend humor with compassion as she captures the inner-most feelings of women facing life's daily struggles, has enabled her to create a unique sense of community for women of all ages.

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Creating Calm in the Center of Crazy
Meet Nicole Johnson
Speech Topics
  • The Life-Changing Lessons of Love

    One needs to look no further than Scripture to realize the Bible is filled with real people who had real ... View More

  • The Invisible Woman

    There is nothing like the pain of feeling invisible to those around you. It especially hurts when you are ... View More

  • Keeping the Heart of a Princess in a Not-So-Fairy Tale World

    Fairy Tales still offer hope! More than just wonderful stories, they provide powerful glimpses into the ... View More

  • Living a Fresh Brewed Life

    God is calling you to "Wake Up!", to shout an enthusiastic "Yes!" to life, just as we say yes to our first ... View More

Text Reviews
  • Nicole is a model of enthusiasm; she has the great ability of taking any ‘ashes’ from her past and turning them into beauty. She can write, speak, act, and bring the ordinary experiences of life into focus, giving hope with humor and wit.
  • Dr. Gary Smalley - Best-Selling Author and Speaker
  • Each time I hear Nicole speak about God, my appreciation for her skill and his majesty increases. She touches me deeply.
  • Max Lucado - Best-Selling Author and Pastor
  • Nicole Johnson has been central contributor to virtually every aspect of but for eHarmony Marriage, she was the principal writer for the entire set of exercises. There is no one else in the country to whom we would have entrusted this role.
  • Neil Clark Warren - Founder and Chairman of

Nicole's Blog

Nicole Johnson Writes About Beginning...
Article from Seasons Weekend Any real beginning is a miracle. To write a book, or start a company, or turn to a clean page in ...

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