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Jeannie DuBose

Premiere Exclusive

Jeannie DuBose

Author of <u>The Mother Daughter Dance & Tending The Fire</u>

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Asheville, NC, US
About Jeannie DuBose

Jeannie DuBose is the author and illustrator of two memoirs: The Mother Daughter Dance and Tending the Fire: The Story of a Marriage. Her compelling presentation style is marked by humor, psychological insight, and vulnerable reflections on her own life. A wide range of clients consistently ranks Jeannie as a superlative speaker. Her client list includes Canyon Ranch, Young President's Organization, as well as a host of schools, churches, and women's organizations.

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Knowing Your Story

One of Jeannie’s core beliefs is that everyone has a story to tell -- we are all more interesting than we look. In this presentation, Jeannie invites people to reflect on meaningful moments in ...

Exploring the Mother Daughter Relationship

A woman’s relationship with her mother is among the most profound in her life. Jeannie examines the joys and the challenges that mothers and daughters encounter as they yearn to be close and ...

The Prime of Our Lives: Does Getting Older Mean Getting Better?

Do you fear or embrace the aging process? While we live in a culture that values youth and physical beauty, we are also living in an era where women in the second half of life have more ...

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