Jeannie DuBose

Jeannie DuBose

  • Author of The Mother Daughter Dance
  • Keynote Speaker, Retreat Leader
  • Spiritual Director

Jeannie DuBose, author and illustrator of The Mother Daughter Dance, offers compelling presentations with a style marked by humor, psychological insight, and vulnerable reflections on her own life. A wide range of clients consistently ranks Jeannie as a superlative speaker. Her client list includes Canyon Ranch, Young President's Organization, as well as a host of ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Knowing Your Story

    One of Jeannie’s core beliefs is that everyone has a story to tell -- we are all more interesting than we ... View More

  • Exploring the Mother Daughter Relationship

    A woman’s relationship with her mother is among the most profound in her life. Jeannie examines the joys ... View More

  • The Prime of Our Lives: Does Getting Older Mean Getting Better?

    Do you fear or embrace the aging process? While we live in a culture that values youth and physical ... View More

Keynote $5,000.00
Jeannie DuBose travels from Asheville, NC and requires full fare coach class for one

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