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"Jason McLeod is one of the finest young speakers I've heard. His passion to serve his Lord and his powerful testimony, coupled with his contagious communicative ability, immediately connects him to any audience, young and old alike!
Dan Voss - Focus on the Family
Jason McLeod won the hearts of my students in the movie Facing the Giants. But when he came to speak to us, his humble yet powerful message stirred the hearts of our students as he spoke with a God-given authority.
Seth Buckley, Minister to Students - FBC Spartanburg
I have known Jason for 4 years. It has been a privilege to see him grow from a young boy who loves God, into a young man who serves the Lord. He is continually looking for opportunity to point others to Jesus & use his giftedness to minister to others.
Keith Harmon, Minister to Students - Cross Church
. . . I have discovered that he is a bright, passionate, and inspiring witness for his Lord, Jesus Christ. If you're looking for a fresh voice to inspire your young people to never give up, never back down, and never lose faith then Jason is your man.
Kirk Cameron Actor - Co-Host of Way of the Master