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Jan Silvious is an author and speaker with a passion for offering hope and encouragement to those who are stuck in their life circumstances. Jan speaks nationally and internationally in conferences and seminars. Her practical, bottom-line teaching meets women where they are. With cutting edge illustrations, low-key humor and a keen depth of biblical insight, Jan is able to help people move from where they may be stuck to where they want to be.

Jan comes from years of experience as a counselor and Bible teacher. She has been a key-note speaker at Moody's Founder's week, she leads seminars for Moody's women's ministry and is a pre-conference speaker for Women of Faith. Jan gives practical, biblical tools to those who are floundering in deep water. She shouts, "Grab hold and swim toward safe shore."

Look At It This Way: Each of us looks at life through a kind of grid that helps us process whatever comes our way. Jan explores wise truths to help us reframe the way we think, breaking us out of our self-pity, anger, depression, anxiety, and hopelessness and equipping us to deal with events, circumstances, and people in a healthy and positive way.

Big Girl: For all of the women who remember what it was like to want to be a Big Girl, this is for you. The life of a Big Girl is a manageable one. A little girl's life is always in a mess. Big Girls know how to live. Little girls want someone to fix their lives and live for them.

It's One Event in a Lifetime of Events: If you want your life to work, then you have to get your mind to cooperate.

Foolproofing Your Life: If you know someone who always thinks they are right, uses anger to control, trusts in their own heart then you probably are relating to a fool.

Moving Beyond The Myths: Myths are combinations of truths and lies. They are easy to believe because we have been told that they are true and yet they always have enough lie in them to let us know they don't work. Some of the common myths that women believe are: If your marriage is bad you have to be sad. You are responsible for everything - good or bad, everything is always as it seems. If your life isn't working the way you want it to, you need to be Moving Beyond the Myths