Father Jonathan Morris

Father Morris explains Pope’s comments on homosexuals to twisted media

By Father Jonathan Morris, Posted July 31st, 2013

The hip and happening Fox News religion contributor, Father Jonathan Morris, clarified for the media Monday what Pope Francis meant when he said, “Who am I to judge” homosexuals.

On the plane ride back to Italy from Brazil, where an estimated 3 million people attended a final mass on Copacabana Beach, the Pope gave reporters an unprecedented 80-minute question-and-answer session where he addressed a question “about homosexual priests who are living a celibate life,” Morris said. “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?” is what the Pope answered.

Unfortunately, according to Morris, the media twisted the pope’s words reporting “what they wish they had heard,” instead of “what he actually said,” Morris wrote in an article for FoxNews.com.

Slamming the Huffington Post for it’s headline, “Breakthrough: Pope OK with Gays,” Morris said on Fox News, “The Pope has always been ‘OK’ with every, single human being because God is.”

In his article, Morris wrote:

Let’s begin with the fact that the pope has always been “OK” with homosexuals. In fact, by the demands of his own religion he is required to be much more than just “OK.” The Christian faith teaches that every person is endowed by God with an inviolable dignity and therefore deserves our unconditional respect and love.

When Pope Francis says “who am I to judge” he is saying—and I think we need to hear more of this from religious leaders—that active homosexuals deserve the same kindness, love, and mercy that all of us sinners would hope to receive from God and from others.

“That’s not saying that the Pope is ‘OK’ with every type of behavior, including homosexual behavior,” Morris explained later on Fox News.

However, he concluded, he does feel it’s a breakthrough that the Pope “is reaching out to all people saying, ‘Come, enter into a friendship with God.’”

“But is it suggesting there’s a conflict between Pope Francis and Pope Benedict and Pope John Paul II and 2,000 years of biblical teaching? No,” Morris said.

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Source: bizpacreview.com

Written by Janeen Capizola.



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