Rabbi Evan Moffic

Rabbi Evan Moffic


Evan Moffic is the youngest rabbi of a major congregation in the United States. A graduate with high honors from Stanford University, he is the author of the forthcoming What Every Christian Ought to Know about Passover and What Every Christian Ought to Know about the Jewishness of Jesus (Abingdon Press).

He has a passion for helping Christians learn about Judaism and the ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Unpacking the Roots of the Fruit

    Many Christians feel mystified by the Old Testament. Isn’t it just long lists of genealogies and laws? Yet, ... View More

  • Hearing Jesus Through Jewish Ears

    Understanding Jesus’s parables and teachings requires understanding Jesus’s Jewish context. How would the ... View More

  • From Hated Father to Beloved Elder Brother: How Christians and Jews Created a New Relationship in the Twentieth Century

    The relationship between Christians and Jews underwent a transformation in the last century. Hostility and ... View More

  • Holy Land? Jewish and Christian Understandings of the Land of Israel

    Israel is more than modern political state. It is a sacred land promised in Scripture and filled with a rich ... View More

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Text Reviews
  • Rabbi Moffic is an engaging teacher who excels at communicating ancient truths for modern audiences. His insights into Hebrew scriptures and the Jewish heritage of the Christian faith will be a blessing to all who want to learn about Jesus.
  • Pastor Steve Gillen - Willow Creek Church
  • “Rabbi Moffic is a captivating speaker for people of all ages. He shows the richness of the Old Testament and Judaism and gives insights into Jesus’ Jewish context and character. Christians and Jews can benefit from his knowledge and from his character."
  • Ken Davis - Humorist, Best-selling Author, and Inspirational Speaker Franklin, TN
  • “Rabbi Moffic is one of the best young Rabbis and scholars I have ever heard speak and teach about both Judaism and Christianity. His wit, his humor, and his deep knowledge about the Old Testament and early Christianity will give insight into Jesus’ Jewish context, history, and character.”
  • Newton Minow - Former Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Vice-Chair Commission on Presidential Debates, First Jewish Trustee of University of Notre Dame Honorary Consul, Republic of Singapor

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