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Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson Erick Erickson
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Erick Erickson: Christianity in the Face of Tragedy
Erick Erickson: RightOnline keynote
Erick Erickson: Values Voter Summit
Erick Erickson: Counterculture Faith
Erick Erickson: Christians and Donald Trump
Erick Erickson: Religious Liberty in America

Premiere Exclusive

Erick Erickson

Editor of, National Radio Host

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Atlanta, GA, US
About Erick Erickson

The Atlantic magazine did a lengthy profile of Erick Erickson in 2016, calling him one of the most influential conservatives in America. Erick is the Editor of The Resurgent, a Fox News Contributor, and host of his own number one rated radio program on the nation's most listened to news/talk station, WSB Radio out of Atlanta. Occasionally, Rush Limbaugh lets him fill in. When not working or with his family, Erick is working on his Masters of Divinity Degree at Reformed Theology ...

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Strangers In a Strange Land

Faith plays less and less a role in American politics. In fact, in some cases political activists are openly hostile to people of faith. Why is that and how should evangelicals proceed to cling ...

You Will Be Made to Care

Many Christians think they can or should sit out social battles their forefathers in the evangelical movement fought. They may choose to sit them out or say they do not care, but secular society ...


“In the beginning, God created the Heavens and Earth” is as counterculture now as it was when it was written. Those words should shape the lives of Christians in politics in America as they make ...

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Before You Wake: Life Lessons From a Father to His Children by Erick Erickson
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"Erick Erickson is a brilliant thinker who knows how to deliver truth with punchy wit tethered to his deeply-held Christian faith. Deeply conservative, committed to life, liberty, and justice for all, he is able to speak thoughtfully and compellingly to a wide range of issues that social and religious conservatives care about."

Russell Moore, President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission - Southern Baptist Convention

Erick Erickson and his staff were easy to work with. Erick was engaging as he conducted a live on-stage interview at our event – he came prepared to ask thought-provoking questions and came across as genuine and knowledgeable. We appreciated that he spent time mingling with guests afterwards. The event received rave reviews!

Mary O’Brien, Sr. Director of Ministry Engagement - Leading The Way
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