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Recovering evangelist/Increasing the quality of our spiritual conversations

About Doug Pollock

Doug Pollock is committed to guiding God's people into outward focused living. He is an author, a speaker, and a reflective practitioner whose focus is to help Christ followers worldwide increase the quality and the quantity of their spiritual conversations in practical, doable, and authentic ways.

Since 1983, Doug's ministry with Athletes in Action has taken him to 39 different countries, 6 of our 7 continents, and throughout most of the United States to share God's never-changing ...

Christ followers everywhere are struggling to figure out how to have spiritual conversations in a world that is constantly changing. "God Space" emboldens God's people to re-engage in these conversations in natural and winsome ways

Josh D. McDowell - Author & Speaker

I love the perspective in "God Space." Learning to ask questions and really listen. Practical and so vital to engage people where they are. Our staff and students can really benefit from Doug's experience and training.

Roger Hershy - Author / Speaker / CCC Staff at Penn State

It's a place where day-to-day relationships and remarkably refreshing spiritual conversations meet. Doug Pollock provides everything we need to engage with others in seeking, asking, and knocking to get the everlasting directions we all need.

Dave Ping - CEO of Equipping Ministries International and author of Outflow

I have not read a better book on how to share our faith in all of my life! In fact, if it were legal, I would simply plagiarize this text and make it a part of our mentoring program; taking credit for it all!

Marty Edwards - Founder & President of Black Sheep Harley Davisdons for Christ

Conversations involving evangelism are increasingly difficult--for seeker and would-be evangelist alike. Lots of us have tried to make a contribution to this challenge. Doug Pollock has actually done so.

Todd Hunter - Church Planter, Former Executive Director of Alpha USA, Former President of Vineyard USA

Doug did it! Through genuine concern coupled with curiosity and questions Doug, through Scripture, story and experiences (both positive and negative) presents attractive and compelling ways to engage others in conversations that change lives for eternity.

Eric Swanson - Leadership Network, Co-author of "The Externally Focused Life
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