Chris Widener Speech Topics

The Art of Influence: The Real Way to Influence Others
Chris will give you the insight you need on how to help influence others, whether it is in leadership, sales or any other area of life. • Understand the difference between "hunting" and "fishing" • Get the easy to understand Secrets of Magnetic Influence • Learn how to use "soft power" rather...
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How to be a World-Class Dealmaker
The Foundation of Dealmaking: Gaining Trust through Integrity Make Instant Connections by Quickly Building Rapport with Anyone How to Maximize Your Returns by Thinking Big How to Structure Deals So Everyone Wins Building a Massive Network that Provides Endless Referrals and Opportunities
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Extraordinary Leaders
Becoming a leader people can count on Learn the real definition of leadership that will unleash your Practical leadership skills and character traits that will take potential you, and your organization, to the next level Key "Leadership Mistakes" people make that you must avoid Leading...
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