Chris Trimble Speech Topics

Reverse Innovation
Today's high-growth hot spots are all in the developing economies, which will account for a jaw-dropping two-thirds of global economic growth over the next generation. Such facts and figures are now a preoccupation in many boardrooms. What is less well understood is what it will take to win. For...
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The Other Side of Innovation
“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Thomas Edison said it over a century ago. Nobody listened. When companies launch innovation initiatives, they focus almost all of their time and energy on that initial one percent — the thrilling hunt for the breakthrough...
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Leading Innovation in Healthcare Delivery
We can’t wait for policy makers on Capitol Hill to save our troubled health care system. Instead, we need a new generation of health care leaders -- physicians and executives alike -- that are ready to remake the system from the grass roots, through innovation and entrepreneurship. While health...
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