Chris Roebuck

Chris Roebuck


Seeing many leaders and organisations failing to deliver what they need to – with up to 70% of initiatives failing to be fully and successfully implemented according to many leaders - Chris Roebuck, based on his unique experiences and approach, developed an innovative and highly effective approach to delivering success more effectively and more often in any organisational area ; “I ... VIEW MORE

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Donald Trump as business and government leader
2016 was turbulent, why ? There is a common factor. Happy New Year for 2017
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March 2017 Update
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Speech Topics
  • Delivering success more often and more effectively

    For any team in any part of any organisation their job is simple – deliver what needs to be done. But in the ... View More

  • M&A and integration

    The majority of M&A don’t reach full potential due to leadership failure Audience : those working on mergers, ... View More

  • Human Resources

    Audience : HR professionals • Human Resources as a catalyst for success”

  • Risk Management / Legal

    Audience risk professionals and possibly in house legal. • The ultimate operational risk and legal solution • ... View More

Audio Reviews
Chartered Investment & Securities Institute London
Titan Industries, California
Martens & Heads New York
Text Reviews
  • Delegates appreciated the sharing of stories and experience garnered over the years, your sense of humor and how incorporating Q&A throughout the day, you brought the subject home to a more personal level, making it relevant to them personally, and relevant to them as a leader in Defense.
  • Samantha Fryer, Event Director - UK Defence Academy
  • We received very good feedback for your session with most attendees giving an excellent rating. 
  • Kanchan Fadnavis, Event Director - QnA International

Chris's Blog

Make sure everything you put into...
Posted July 6th 2016
There are some organisations that very effectively identify talent. They take their high potentials through excellent devel...

BP Leadership Gets It Wrong: How...
Posted April 14th 2016
BPs leaders have today suffered a very embarrassing defeat at the hands of its own shareholders. The attempt raise the CEOs p...

Gulf News | Great Place To Work...
Posted March 20th 2016
Cultural transformation can only be achieved when managers realise that employees want to be the best and change of their o...

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