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Chris Capehart entrepreneur, leadership, sales Chris Capehart entrepreneur, leadership, sales
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Chris Capehart: Is Anyone Listening
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Chris Capehart: Is that Possible? (Full)

Chris Capehart

Overcoming Odds and Thriving in Digital Innovation

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Dallas (DFW), TX
About Chris Capehart

Chris defied the odds, surviving the loss of his parents to suicide and cancer. He brings a practical message of hope, perseverance, and personal development to inspire and train individuals and organizations to do the same.

"My dad was a pastor and cheated on my mom.
She committed suicide.
He died of cancer.
I defied the odds, and so can you."

Chris' story is proof that though life rarely gives us what we hope for, we can still beat the odds and achieve a meaningful life. Every challenge ...

Chris nailed it! He spoke at 4 events we hosted for young professionals. He was engaging and energetic, bringing practical advice our people could take action on immediately...and they did! I've heard multiple stories of people who, after hearing Chris, achieved dreams they'd been sitting on for years.

Ethan Fisher - Gateway Young Professionals

I fell in love with the book, STEP last winter when I was searching for a personal development tool to recommend to my team. We lead a team of 15,000 people that are hungry to improve their lives, practically, one day at a time. Chris' message has helped our team take their biggest, most audacious dreams and break them down into the smallest actions. I can't recommend Chris enough! Perhaps the best part is how relatable Chris is with the audience. The human aspect and vulnerability he brings are gripping.

Dana Moore, Presidential Diamond - doTERRA International

Chris is able to connect with our people in a real and meaningful way. His unique way of relaying timeless principles is refreshing. He inspired and motivated our company.

Michael Goss - ForMor International

I had Chris speak to a group of our leaders and the feedback was phenomenal. Several of them commented on how Chris' message changed the way the were going to approach life. It was just what my team needed and we can't wait to have him back. In fact, I've booked him three more times already. Chris is a fresh voice to passionate hearts who may find themselves stuck not sure how to move towards the dream in their hearts. He is the sherpa to their Everest, guiding along the way with humor filled stories and practical application. Here's to Step and the thousands of future victories waiting to be celebrated!

Michael Hirsch, Executive Director - Loveworks Leadership
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