Chris Bashinelli NSB

Chris Bashinelli

  • TV Host of Bridge the Gap (PBS)
  • Actor/Activist on The Sopranos (HBO)
  • Trailblazer in Global Citizenship

About Chris
Chris Bashinelli, also known as, "Bash", was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. After a decade long acting career including an appearance on the HBO hit television show, The Sopranos, Bash decided to follow his real passion - using media to build bridges between cultures. In his early 20's, he became the youngest Moderator for the United Nations and made his first ... VIEW MORE

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Speaking Reel
Being Engaged
Finding Your In
Start at Step Z
Cultivating Connection
Confidence and Making Your Vision Happen
Speech Topics
  • Global Citizenship - Change Your Mind, Change Your World

    Global Citizenship means using our everyday work and lives as a vehicle to grow inwardly and thereby, become the ... View More

  • Steps from the Stoop - Cultivating Connection

    In order to achieve real diversity and inclusion within our organization we must adopt a world view that equally ... View More

  • Start At Step "Z" ā€“ Stepping into Powerful Performance

    What is your Step ā€œZā€, the goal you feel will truly bring your life meaning? It could be a new client, a new ... View More

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  • Chris Bashinelli is an inspiration to youth worldwide. He speaks with passion and his message is one of hope, cultural tolerance and call to action. He knows how to reach young and old alike.
  • Jane Goodall PhD, DBE - Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, UN Messenger of Peace
  • Chris opens people's eyes to the different worlds in which we live and makes people think about things we in the developed world take for granted.
  • Dr. Louise Leakey - Paleontologist and National Geographic Explorer in Residence
  • Chris has a passionate, captivating personality, and is a truly inspirational speaker. He breaks through cultural and generational boundaries and puts life into perspective. He ignites sincere emotions, which tend to get lost in our full and busy lives.
  • Konstanze Carreras - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at BMW Group
Chris Bashinelli travels from NYC, NY and requires $1,500 flat travel (includes airfare, ground, meals) + up to 2 nights hotel.

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