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Chip Madera

Radical Leadership Ideas That Produce Radical Change

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About Chip Madera

An expert professional speaker and leadership development authority, Chip Madera presents radical leadership ideas that produce radical change! He works with organizations and associations who want to increase their motivation and performance potential. He spoke nearly 100 times in 2004 in Canada, Australia, Europe and throughout the US. His clients include The Mayo Clinic, Verizon, Westinghouse, AT&T, GE Capital, Gatorade and hundreds more!

After building a Corporate University and spending ...

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A Passion to Serve

Customer satisfaction continues to be the #1 driving force behind all business success. Organizations that focus on meeting and exceeding ...

Building Teams: Strategies for Building Positive Relationships

One of Chip's most requested seminars! People are complex. Williams James said, "Whenever 2 people meet, there are really six people ...

EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE: Getting it, Keeping it, and Maximizing it!

There is no substitute for excellence in leadership.Organizations rise and fall during today's turbulent times because of those who stand ...

Inspirational Leadership: Becoming the Leader Employees Want to Follow

How many times have you heard leaders say "People are our number one asset"? No doubt, the preceeding statement is a worthy notion, but few ...

Chip adds at least two dimensions to being a good speaker: 1st, he is passionate about healthcare because he worked in the industry and truly understands the contemporary concerns of the profession. 2nd, he clearly practices what he preaches.

Mary Jim Montgomery, COO/CNO - Bay Medical Center

What an AWESOME presentation to our leadership team— for the 2nd time in three months! I missed your first one since I was out of town, but I can see why you were invited back by popular demand. Thank you for making such a positive difference at Munroe!

Paul Clark, Chief Operating Officer - Munroe Regional Medical Center

I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone have such a long lasting impression on my staff as you had. I recommend you with great pleasure and I'm sure that you will make a positive difference with any group you stand in front of.

Rita M. Clymer, Administrator - Ocala Regional Kidney Center East a division of Davita, Inc.
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