Cheryl Thompson

Cheryl Thompson

  • Marketing Expert
  • Dream Big, Love Big, Live, Big!
  • Author of "Fire Your Boss!"

Hire the woman who puts the WOW! back in the worn- out woman. One of the hottest motivational speakers on the platform today, Cheryl Thompson's mission is characterized in 6 little words - Dream Big, Love Big, Live Big!

Cheryl, speaker, author (of 8 books including Fire Your Boss! and Be the Bigger You) and founder of has a personal mission in life to help ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • How To Be the Bigger You

    Most people are living little, hiding behind the minutia of life, existing and barely surviving instead of joyfully ... View More

  • 10 Ways to Get a Grip on Your Life

    Based on her short course, “Get a Grip On Your Life!”, Cheryl’s focus is on helping you LOVE YOUR LIFE. She takes ... View More

  • Fire Your Boss!

    The entrepreneurial topic is based on her book, Fire Your Boss and shows people how they can escape the rat race ... View More

  • The Nice Girl Syndrome – Are You Afflicted?

    From a self-professed nice girl (Cheryl herself) who was formerly afflicted with the nice girl syndrome. Do you say ... View More

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  • If I could 'bottle' your energy and enthusiasm, I could sell it and make a million bucks.
  • Tim Shrout, Director - Coventry Health Care of Kansas, Inc.
Keynote $7,500.00
Cheryl Thompson travels from Kansas City, Missouri and requires Coach class for 1

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