Cheryl Currid NSB

Cheryl Currid

  • Leading Computer Industry Analyst
  • Award Winning Tech Journalist
  • Technology Futurist

As one of America's most respected industry analysts, Cheryl Currid brings rare insight about how people, business and technology can work together.

An IT executive, award winning journalist and analyst to emerging technology companies, Cheryl brings many years of hands-on experience and secrets of tomorrow's inventions. She understands 'Why, When & How' to best use information ... VIEW MORE

Speech Topics
  • Understanding How to Compete in Nanoseconds

    β€œIt’s a fast business world, information is critical. People must know their business, get down to the facts, and be ... View More

  • Making People Smarter

    "The goal of technology today is to make people smarter. Sure, automation helps make business processes move faster β€” ... View More

  • Commitment to Change

    "Making technology work is the easy part β€” getting people to change the challenge. No matter how well planned or bug ... View More

  • Welcoming New Ways to Get the Job Done

    "Have you heard of "smart dust?" Do you use e-mail to confirm appointments? Can you keep yourself and computer busy ... View More

Cheryl Currid travels from Houston, Texas and requires First class for 1

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