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Charlie Vogelheim brings nearly 30 years of automotive experience his presentations including roles as the host of Motor Trend Audio, the executive editor at Kelley Blue Book and as a VP at J.D. Power and Associates.

Charlie's career has involved many aspects of the automotive industry. He spends his time evaluating new and interesting vehicles and helping consumers receive and understand car information. He has developed keen and humorous observations and insight to this ever-changing business and the cars we love, own and remember.

In order to study trends, further product familiarity and develop contact with industry personalities he travels worldwide, attending test-drives, auto shows and gatherings. Charlie is often a featured speaker at automotive seminars, conferences and media interviews. He's a regular radio correspondent and an automotive industry commentator for televised business news.

Charlie hosts the weekly podcast "Motor Trend Audio". Each week he shares a variety of car related conversations and interviews with car owners, characters and celebrities. This fast and fun show covers all aspects of car ownership, enthusiasm and technology.

At J.D. Power, Charlie produced the International Automotive Roundtable, the premier forum for industry leaders and executives to share and discuss market forces affecting the automotive industry.

During Charlie's 20 years at Kelley Blue Book, he served as a key member of its editorial team. He was responsible for Kelley Blue Book's extensive database which produced the fabled Blue Book and eventually the website:

As an internet pioneer, Charlie was an original contributor to the development and implementation of the automotive sites at Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Google and e-Bay. Additionally, he was Chairman of the Automotive Internet Standards Committee contributing to the development of all major automotive Internet sites.

Charlie earned a bachelor's degree in economics from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. His education included one year abroad studying the formation of the Common Market/European Union.

Immediately following college, he pursued an interest in aviation, including several years as a commercial pilot, flight instructor, ground school teacher, flight club manager, Alaskan float-plane bush-pilot and air traffic controller.