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Charles Petty

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Charles Petty

Humorous Professional Motivational Speaker

About Charles Petty

Dr. Charles Petty is a professional motivational speaker who speaks primarily on work/life balance. He was reared in the farming communities of England and Stuttgart, Arkansas. As a native of Arkansas he does know President Clinton. When the President was eleven or twelve years old, Dr. Petty was his rifle instructor at a Boy Scout camp! This is the man who taught President Clinton to shoot straight!

Dr. Petty has spoken to over 3200 different clients in 50 states and 14 countries. The reason for ...

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Ambush the Generation Gap

Dr. Petty examines the difference in mind-sets, and the implications for companies as well as for one's personal and professional lives. ...

Climbing the Ladder of Success and Taking Your Family With You

Dr. Petty helps audiences understand the impact of family relationships upon job performance, shares some principles that help achieve ...

Educators: Shapers of the Dream

Dr. Petty presents hilarious insights on how educators can help students achieve their dreams. He reminds participants of the impact ...

Roaring Fires, Flickering Flames, Dying Embers or Cold Ashes?

Some people have an enthusiasm for life, family and work. Others just go through the motions, dislike what they do, or constantly look ...

You have attained the status of Farm Bureau Hero! It is a true mark of your talents and the heart you put into your work that people respond again and again with such warmth and enthusiasm.

J. Sheperd - Farm Bureau Federation

You blended the right mixture of humor and content to create an uplifting message. It was perfect.

R.H. Van DeWal - Independent Bankers Association of New York State

The presentation by Charles was even better than we expected. The teachers and administrators were waiting in line to thank both Charles and myself after the event. Many said they had not had such a wonderful “first day” experience in years! He truly had the crowd of over 450 engaged. Thank you and I hope we can work together again in the future. It was truly a pleasure having Dr. Petty in our district.

Michele A. Williams, Director of Federal & State Educational Programs - Wilkes-Barre Area School District

You came prepared to achieve the mission with a personalized, made-for-the-customer presentation. You presented to perfection.

Brooke County (WV) Schools

Well, you hit another home run. Bringing laughter to a room full of financial executives is not an easy task but you accomplished it effortlessly.

Food Marketing Institute

In 25 years of association management, I have never heard a better or more effective presentation. Your remarks, humor and delivery were perfect.

D.M. Julian - North Carolina Textile Association
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