Charles Leviton

Charles Leviton

Healing Body/Mind/Spirit with Guided Imagery

About Charles Leviton

Charles D. Leviton, Ed.D. is a licensed MFT and certified Hypnotherapist with over 36 years as a retired college professor and psychotherapist. Along with his wife, Patti, Leviton now devotes his full time in training both professionals and laypeople to be certified in the unique and powerful process of Guided Imagery. The author of "There is No Bad Truth, The Search for Self". Charles Leviton is a nationally recognized lecturer and authority on the therapeutic use of imagery. Both for use by ...

The combined wisdom and expertise of Charles and Patti Leviton are profoundly valuable for personal transformation and healing. I highly recommend their presentation and the heart space from which it flows.

Gloria Sanchez, JD, CHT - Professor of Law

The transformational experience of Chuck and Patti Leviton, has given me the insight to truly change my life. I have healed emotionally and physically through these gifts.

Suzan Walters - President - American Holistic Health Association
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